The map below shows Kristians live location on the Appalachian Trail


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The Appalachian Trail


2,200 miles, 14 States, 16 x Mount Everests

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My history on the trail

Last year (2018) I paced “Karel Sabbe” helping him break “Scott Jureks” speed record on the Appalachian Trail (AT). Running up to 37 miles per day carrying Karel’s food and drinks. I covered in total 425 miles on the AT for the 15 days I was on the trail. Whilst out there sweating in the heat of the day I became inspired to one day go for my own attempt. After some planning I am happy to announce I will be going for my own attempt this year.


I’m heading North bound (NOBO)


This year (2019) I will be attempting to break the supported north bound AT record. This means I will start at Springer Mountain in Georgia and finish at Mount Katahdin in Maine. I will travel 2189 miles, crossing 14 states. My attempt will begin on July the 1st. I am very excited to have this adventure ahead of me, I have the support of my family and friends. I will also have some runners come out to pace me during my attempt. It will be an epic adventure and will hold many challenges.



Whilst pacing my friend Karel Sabbe I recored all my runs on Strava. Below are 4 days taken from the 15 days I paced, if you would like to see more of my runs on Strava click on one of the runs below. I will also be uploading every run at the end of each day during my record attempt so you can follow my progress in full.


Karel Sabbe current FKT record holder


I paced for 15 days during Karel’s successful attempt

Past Appalachian Trail FKT record holders


World Record Attempt Countdown Timer