Appalachian Trail World Record Attempt

Last year I helped “Karel Sabbe” break “Scott Jureks” speed record on the Appalachian Trail (AT). I paced and crewed for 15 days, running up to 37 miles per day carrying Karel’s food and drinks. I covered in total 425 miles on the AT for the 15 days I was with Karel and his crew.

North Bound

I will be going for he supported North bound record. This means I will start in starting at Springer Mountain in Georgia and travel north making my way towards Mount Katahdin in Maine. I will travel 2189 miles, crossing 14 states. I will be starting July the 1st.


Appalachian Trail on Strava

I recored all my runs on Strava whilst pacing Karel. Below are 4 days taken from the 15 days I paced, if you would like to see more of my runs on Strava click on one of the runs below. I will also be uploading every run at the end of each day during my record attempt so it can be followed in full on Strava.


Past and present AT record holders

Below is a list of the past and present (Supported) record holders, I have not included un-supported record holders as its a separate record.

World Record Attempt Countdown Timer