The 100 mile wilderness

Sunset on the 100 mile wilderness

Sunset on the 100 mile wilderness

I set out with high expectations only to be humbled by the reality of endurance running. After 3 hours of running I come to a river and in order to keep my feet dry I take off my shoes and socks and throw them across to the other side.

Trail running is both bitter and sweet and right now I’m in a world of pain. But I keep on keeping on until I reach that place where even Buddhist monks long for. Perpetual flow without effort, forward movement is what I long for and the trail provides me with just that.

I venture deep into the depths of my mind to the places I only reach when stepping outside of my comfort zone. In this place a truth is revealed, I learn about myself in these times and become sorry and humbled. Thankful for the insight I feel privileged and move forward with a new perspective.

The is sun is setting and its becoming dark, I resist digging out my headlamp from my bag. It feels nice to run in the natural light, my eyes become more focused and tune into the trails obstacles with greater intensity.

Suddenly I stop turning my left ear towards the woods and listen carefully, it’s something big that’s heavy enough to break large branches as it walks. I carry on running.