Pulled my hip flexor in yoga

Today kind of sucks because I’m limping around. I stretched before yoga yesterday and could tell that I had overdone it. I seem to have had quite a few niggles/injuries around my hips and pelvis area since last year. It’s really frustrating just because I enjoy running and moving and that combined with now being in my early 40s is starting to chip away at myself self-confidence in my own ability. Having said that I have placed on the podium this year last year and the year before at the Thailand North Face 100k so I must be doing something right.

I think I’m going to start making regular blog posts, when I was younger I used to always write in a paper diary and kind of stopped doing that in the past few years. But now I have this website and the ability to blog so I don’t see why I should not start making regular posts. They may not always be about running because life is full of so many things and I guess it will be personal because it’s about myself and my personal experiences but I will just write it as a diary which is out there for people to read.