Running in the Mountains of Thailand


This morning I woke up early and ran up a mountain.

It was by far one of the best things I could’ve done for myself today. Along the way up I saw a small brown snake making its way through the brown leaves. 

 It requires a lot of energy and I was heavy breathing as I hiked up the mountain, on the flatter parts I jogged lightly.  

 Once at the top I found a remote village. I stopped off pressed pause on my watch and bought some barbecued sweet potato. I then found a coffee Grower who made me a coffee using beans from the ground I was standing on. His mum even ground the coffee beans and he roasted them himself.  


 Starting my watch back up again I descended the mountain jogging lightly, relaxing my breathing. I found such a flow I forgot about time and where I was. All that mattered was paying attention to the rocks in front of me as so not to step and trip on one.  

 Once at the bottom of the mountain I press stop on my watch content with my mornings activity. I then ducked into a local Thai restaurant, saw some good food and said same for me.