heat training

Heat Acclimatisation for Ultra Runners


Today I ran during the hottest part of the day, why did I do this ? The answer is to get myself heat acclimatised. I will be running the "Thailand Norh Face 100K" in ten days and BELIEVE me its going to get hot. I have noticed the benefits of heat acclimatisation and here are 5 tips that will help you you become heat acclimatise

1. The single best way to get used to running in the heat is to actually run in the heat. So if possible I'd avoid the early morning or late evening runs and get yourself outside under the sun and go run.

2. Try walking for 30 minutes before your run in the heat and also walk for 30 minutes after your run in the heat. This way without any real effort your getting in an extra 60 minutes of exposure to the heat without too much effort, as walking requires a lot less energy.

3. Subject yourself to running in the hottest part of each day for at least 10 times before your race.

4. If you do not get hot weather in your country then why not try sauna sessions. First start off by staying in the sauna for a set amount of time, then as time goes by increase the amount of time you spend in the sauna.

5. No sun, no sauna, okay why not try wearing a few layers of clothes and going out on a run, this will raise your temperature and you will get hot.  Or even put the heating on to full in your house then do a workout for a set about of time.