Food for Ultra Runners

Eating local, fresh wholes foods makes people feel good there is no question about it.

You cannot argue against a high intake of whole foods over processed foods is what our body really wants!I get a real pleasure from going to the local market and buying a few bags of brightly coloured foods to take home.

Once at home I chop, peel and make up recipes that cannot be found in cooking books. The secret is to experiment and try mixing new foods that you didn't think you could combine. For example I have mixed in bananas to salads and the result is positive. 

I also like to use herbs (not the mind altering type) but hey guess what you would be surprised to find out the effect on the mind natural fresh herbs have. Take a look at turmeric for its anti Alzheimer’s property's or how new research is unearthing the memory boosting functions of sage.

For coffee lovers out there, taking a coffee break will counteract the age related degenerative processes and can fight against Parkinson's disease.

The main thing is whole foods taste good, so my advice is to go buy some herbs, fruit and brightly coloured vegetables from your local market and go eat it, oh and while your at it have a coffee. I promise you will feel good.