running an ultra

Fuel for an Ultra Marathon


So you want to run an ultra...

When setting yourself the goal of running an ultra marathon, you must train your body to become physically ready for the challenge. You must also consider what you will eat during your chosen ultra. 

To be prepared ask yourself the following questions...

1. What is the distance?

2. How long do I think it will take me?

3. What climate will I be running in?

4. Is it flat or mountainous.

5. Will there be aid stations with food, if so how many and at what points during the race?

Answering these questions will help you prepare your fueling strategy and make sure you get it right on the day. Its also advisable to practice what food you will be eating in training. This way you can make mistakes in training and not on race day. Experiment as there is no right or wrong, different things work for different people.