More than One Day

Learn all you need to know about Multi-Stage events. Marathon Des Sables in Morocco, Grand to Grand in America or even the Appalachian Trail don’t let poor choices spoil your trip. Be informed and make the most of you Multi-Stage adventure.


think about tomorrow

Mental Strategies that Work

Learn how to get the most out of your mental game. Be mentally prepared for the challenge ahead and do not fail yourself. Your mind can be your greatest strength but could also be your biggest obstacle. Get ready with mental training and tecniques.


Its not just a Run

Lean what Kit to Take

Once you have planned what you will take to your Multi- Stage event you will feel relaxed and will be able to concentrate on other things like nutrition and recovery after each day.


take what works

Make New Friends

One of the many rewards of a Multi-Stage event is the people you meet. You will make friends for life. Its a great pleasure to share how your feeling during a race with a stranger and one day that stranger will become friend.


meet new people

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