Ultra Marathon

Ultra runners are people who run further than marathon distance. Someone wanting to enter the ultra scene who has already completed a marathon may start with a 50k ultra marathon. Where as seasoned Ultra runners can enter races such as Tor Des Geants which is a 330k ultra marathon.


Go further

Experience the Unknown

When running further than marathon for the first time from 26.2 miles onwards you are entering the unknown. This is exciting and will allow you to discover more about yourself as a runner and in general. Some runners push themselves to the limit running through several nights and may even experience hallucinations.


become leaner

Become Fat Adapted

Running long distances turns your body into a fat burning machine. The more you run the better your body becomes at burning fat. So become a fat burning beast and start building your endurance with ultra running.



Run in New Countries

Entering an ultra marathon does not have to be in your own country, the world is full of well organised ultra events. Take a holiday with your family or alone and run an ultra in a new country you have never been to before.

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