Be Fast on the Roads

Tempos, intervals and speed endurance sessions are going to make you a faster road runner. Beat your personal best with tried and tested training technics. Learn how to run like an African. Drink less water, eat fewer gels and get to the finish line faster than ever before.


faster on roads

Run Faster, Further without Injury

Training on roads helps you become a faster trail/ultra runner. Build endurance and increase your mitochondria. Enter big city marathons like New York, Paris, London and Chicago. Don’t stop at marathons prepare for Comrades 90k ultra marathon in South Africa, its 100% on roads.


unlimited energy

Crowds lining the Streets

Road running is fun. You can travel to a big city marathon like London and the streets will be full of people cheering and encouraging you. Running city marathons is a great way to explore a city on foot whilst exercising, plus you get a medal at the end, well worth it.


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