How I Succeeded at Grand to Grand Ultra in the USA

“Having completed a couple of multi-day races before I wasn’t looking to completely start from scratch. Kristian appreciated that approach from our first call and put together a comprehensive but flexible training plan that allowed me to build towards Grand to Grand and peak at the right time. His knowledge of training is impressive but the added advice about kit, how to deal with injuries, mindset etc is what marks him out. It also helps that he practices what he preaches and is a world class ultra runner in his own right”


I have qualified for a Championship Start at the London Marathon 2018

I'd like to maximise the opportunity. I asked Kristian if he would be able to coach me to potentially run a PB. We both agreed that his knowledge of Ethiopian training methods might be just the stimulus I need to take my marathon running to the next level. Like Kristian, I have an ultra-running background, so I knew he would understand how best to make the transition and how to sensibly introduce speedwork into my programme. He is encouraging me to ask plenty of questions and I'm really excited to start working with him."


Jogle - John O'Groats to Lands End.

Crawl, walk, jog, run averaging 50 miles for 17 consecutive days. In my case it took me 21 days. Without Kristians' support this would have not been possible. In numerous ways Kristian helped me to get me over the finishing line. Before Jogle a nutrition plan was advised, 12 weeks of intense training (training like I had never trained before in terms of distance, discipline and technique). These included many double days. No doubt I struggled with these but Kristian guided me through. Even when I was tired (mentally and physically) through training Kristian recognised tapering sessions. Then there were extra cardio sessions, post training exercises and when and what to eat and drink. At the time I questioned these decisions - I needn't have as I could feel my body getting fitter and stronger week in week out. I was now prepared as I ever would be now for Jogle. Kristian was able to advise 24/7 as and when I needed it. There were some very low places I had been to but Kristian was always there for me. After day 15 it soon became apparent that I was struggling to make the cut-offs due to blisters and decided that I wanted to finish Jogle now unaided without checkpoints. After calling Kristian late on Day 15 Kristian had decided upon himself (which he did not need to do) to come down from London and see how I was doing. We met up the following day, and Kristian allowed me to sleep in his camper van. Kristian then went through rearranging my kit - he lent me his Altra Torin 2.5 trainers, Injinji socks and his Ultimate Direction Fastpack 20 rucksack. My equipment was inadequate - Kristian’s wasn't. Had it not been for Kristians' equipment and further advice on what food to buy to get me through to the finish then I've had to do Jogle again next year, there was no way my equipment would have got me to the finish. It's for these reasons that I'd recommend Kristian Ultra any day of the week - it doesn't matter whether it be for keeping fit, cardiovascular work, short distance running, marathons, ultra marathons, mental strength - Kristian is your man!

girl running in park outside


I entered a race named Man v Horse

It was a fell running type of event here in England. I am now a stronger runner, mentally and physically thanks to run coaching from KristianUltra. I have been impressed from the first moment of contact, Kristian is professional and always there to help guide me.



I have been coached by Kristian for many years now. 

Over the years I have gone from someone who did not run to a regular 5k ParkRun goer. I am very pleased when I lower my 5k time and could not do this without the help of my coach. I look forward to a long future with Kristian coaching me towards many new faster personal records.



After a long break due to work and family commitments

I found Kristian online after some searching and I could not be happier. Since being coached I have felt so much better in general, I have more energy, I've lost weight and now fit old clothes. I am going to recommend KristianUltra to anyone who once exercised then gave up, it's never to late to start again. 



I asked Kristian what exercises would help improve my running. 

In the photo above I'm doing a glute strengthening exercise, I do these weekly amongst a list of others Kristian has prescribed me. Since beginning these new exercises I have improved my running form and I feel like an all round stronger runner.



My goal has always to find my fitness again........

After being a ski instructor during my earlier years. After skiing I started smoking and lost a high level of fitness I once had. I decided to look for an online running coach to help me with a simple but necessary goal, entering and completing a road 5k. With Kristian help and coaching I not only got to the finish line of the 5k but also found my fitness again.



I had never ran in my life 

So I was sceptical if I could even run one lap of my local park. I hired Kristian as a coach and followed a fun running program which helped me gain confidence in myself. I also found I had a hidden skill  boing ! Kristian would always say don't just run, make sure I also cross train. 



Been using Kristian for many years now

I cannot recommend him enough. He is motivating, friendly and find the best out of me. I have a demanding job which leaves me tired and the program Kristian sends me totally works in bringing me my energy back after a long day at work.



Im very excited about running my first marathon

It will be a trail marathon and will have lots of hills. I will need to carry a running pack so Kristian is getting me to do as well as running up and down hills lots of upper body strength exercises, so I will be both strong in upper body and lower. I am happy with my progress so far.

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I had tried many times to run a sub 4 hour marathon

But was always left not quite making it, one time I ran 4h hours and 36 seconds, I was so close. Then I took on Kristian as a running coach and we did a whole load of speed sessions leading up to a marathon I had entered. It paid off and I was able to run a 3 hours 48 minutes, I was so pleased.



Being a mother again 

Already having two other children I must be smart with my time. I need to share my time with family but also stay fit. Kristian devised an awesome plan in which I actually do a whole load of exercises with my little girl playing beside me. Kristian recommended I find  green area of the park without any danger for my little girl. Then just start doing core exercises and let my girl run around me as I train hard, it totally works.