A storm is coming to the island


The German girl (Magderina) who is the hut next door told me tomorrow a storm is coming. I have done some research and yes she is correct. I read that waves up to five meters tall and seven feet of rain per day will hit us here on Koh Phangan. Unfortunately I’ve just five minutes ago paid the bungalow owner for three weeks to stay here. Magderina tells me she has booked a concrete hotel room up high on a hill for the next three nights. I know I must move too, I read the ocean will surge over coastal land and my bungalow is only 100 meters from the beach.

I decide to go for my evening run up the tallest point on the island “Khao Ra” a 635 meter mountain. Halfway up I turn on my headlamp as its now dark sun has set and Im under the foliage of the jungle. I pass an American couple coming down and the girl asks, “Have you been up before?”,  in a worried tone. “Yes loads” I reply, then she says “Oh my god” in a really really worried strong New York accent. After I have passed them the thought crosses my mind about how unnecessary people’s worrying can be.

I reach the top and pause my watch, I have been up hear about twenty something times and I just ran up in my second ever fastest time. An American named “Brandon Huges” holds the current Strava uphill segment record at 27 minutes 34 seconds, mine is the second fastest recorded time 28 minutes 8 seconds, that makes me just 34 seconds behind his record. Nobody has come close to Brandons record in over two years. I intend on taking this record down before I leave here in three weeks.

And so I moved, I went riding on my moped up a big hill found a nice set of bungalows not too far from where I am and booked a place for three nights. The storm will come but I’m ready. Make sure to keep following my diary’s for the latest in the storm. Goodnight guys.