Find a flow with running


I have taken this insert from my Strava feed. I think it’s worth posting here and I’m I hope you enjoy reading it.

Lost my ego, Lost mental pain, Lost any physical pain and Entered a flow. My plan was to run 20 miles at a certain pace. This pace would have been my aerobic/endurance zone. Eventually my heart rate super seeded my aerobic zone and went into tempo.

It was really hard for my ego to let go of holding this pace, I walked for one lap and then concentrated on my heart rate. Even focusing on my heart rate was a challenge so I walked for two laps.

Then after almost quitting I decided to let go of everything and just run and not look at my watch. So first I passed the hold of my ego, then I passed the mental pain, then I passed the physical pain, then I entered into a flow where there was no ego no pain just forward moving.

So pleased I didn’t quit today as this was a lesson, today I learned not to have too many expectations and just go with how you feel.

I actually drank half a litre of water every 30 minutes and also ate a small banana or a piece of pineapple every 15 minutes for the duration of the run. But I still came out 2 kg lighter than when I started which means in total I lost 4.5 kg but replaced 2.5kg so was left in deficit of 2 kg. 

To see actual run on Strava or to follow me on Strava follow the link below, it will take you directly to this particular run on my Strava feed.