Lessons from yesterday


Started out having learned from the 20 miler yesterday. Actually added a new screen on my Garmin watch which just showed distance and time.

I wanted to run by feel and not be influenced by statistics of my pace and heart rate. The run starts out up hill and gains almost 500 meters in elevation, then after 4 miles I turned around and lost the same amount of vert gain by running downhill.

The sun was beating down on me, the temperature about 33 degrees celsius. I totally was able to to stay in a relaxed state of mind flow, due to this I never felt any discomfort or difficulties. Running uphill requires patience and downhill is different you need to keep your breathing relaxed.

If your shoulders are tense running downhill it’s a sign your not relaxed enough, this can actually slow down.

I drank half a litre of water during and drank the water from a fresh coconut straight after, even so I still weighed 1.5 kilos less than when I started.

Overall I really enjoyed this run today and I can thank yesterday as lessons for today’s approach.