Discovering new places


I wake early, it’s actually 4am. The hotel room is cosy but outside is beckoning me. It’s been a full two day’s since I’ve been for a run.

Using my Google map’s my phone helps me navigate the dark, humid streets of Bangkok. I’m heading to a park named  “Benjakitti”. The park is a little over one mile around a rectangle lake and is specifically for walkers, runners and cyclists.

Only just started running and already I’m getting  irritated by the feel of the water bottle resting on my chest in my running vest, it’s really humid and I feel so sluggish. I guess sitting and travelling for two days is to blame. After 4 miles I become tired but continue on. I’ve now run 6 miles and my body is using fat a fuel, I’ve not eaten much the past two days and feel pretty low on energy. I search my phone for a Seven Eleven but the nearest one is half a mile away, I decide to carry on until I reach ten miles.

Having finished my run I’m now sitting on a blue plastic stool waiting for pork noodle soup at a street food vender. There are no other foreigners just Thais eating their breakfasts, I like to find places like this one. 


The noodle soup fills me with goodness and I return back to my hotel for a morning nap.