Running on the Thailand North Face 100k Course


I decided to ditch my night train for spending some time with Bo and her family in Pak Chong, this is also the place of the Thailand North Face 100k (TNF100). I arrived in Bangkok tired, hungry and seriously jet lagged, I waited for Bo outside her office. Bo and I met this year when I ran the TNF100, Bo is the daughter of P-Ot who’s farm I stayed on both this year and last when I came to race.

We drove up in Bo’s car from Bangkok along with Am her brother a highly intellegent young man who is unassuming and Oat her friend who I took a liking to the instant we picked him up, Oat is funny. The journey took about four hours with a few stop off’s including McDonald’s. Upon arrival I laced up my trainers, Bo and Oat dropped at the trail head to the TNF100. This would be my second run on Thai soil the first being at the Benjakitti park in Bangkok yesterday.

The trail felt so nice, sun overhead with wind gently blowing on my skin, I ran for about 10 miles on what I thought was the TNF100 course (the course has been changed since last year I heard later). I got back to the farm of B0’s family feeling invigorated.

We ate out at a restaurant belonging to friends of Bo’s family. In Thailand when eating, the table is brought several dishes which everyone shares. I really enjoy Thai food the spices are rich and herbs plenty, the taste’s identify with every taste bud in your mouth. After we drove back to the farm, I slept like a baby in my tent to stop the mosquitoes bitting me.

Waking in the morning I felt truly sick, my throat was burning and energy levels where in the below zero range. But I got up anyway (it was still early). I made a Nescafe instant coffee and hit the trail. TNF100 is made up of newly man made trails in through and around farmers fields and small mountains, the ground today was dry and dusty with large rocks and clumps of dirt bombs.

I returned defeated after my run feeling sick and beat up with bloody arms and shins after running through long grass and shrubs on the grown over parts of the course. I do not think they have finished preparing it yet. I felt full of accomplishment, after not wanting to run today I managed one hour and thirty minutes.