Eating with health in mind


Today I have clocked up over 25,000 steps walking around the fabulous city of Bangkok.  Eating with health and the environment in mind makes you feel happier and the word a better place.

Thats what I did today, I ate so clean I’m feeling super charged in mind body and spirit. No animals were harmed due to my food choices today either. I’m not vegetarian but today I didn’t want to eat meat.

Breakfast was brought from a street vender, chopped Papaya and Guava two really tasty and nutritious fruits. Did you know Guava has the most vitamin c amongst all the fruits. 

Lunch is pictured in the photo above, mushroom soup at a vegan restaurant named “Koko”, as soon as I walked in I could feel the good vibes. I don’t often get it wrong when I follow my instincts.

I just finished dinner, brown rice and lots of green vegetables followed by baked banana, watermelon and pineapple. So I’m full of goodness and know my body will feel happy for the choices I made today.

I drank one coffee at a really nice coffee roasters before lunch. I find by seeking out roasters you will have a better quality coffee experience because the roasters are passionate about what they do. The name of this roasters is  “Brave roasters”.

finally it’s New Year’s Eve, I’m never going to forget this day as I’m on a night sleeper train to the south of Thailand, tomorrow I go to the islands. 

Peace out yall.